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Golden Opportunity . . . Expiring Soon

In late 2010 Congress handed wealthy tax payers a golden opportunity to shift millions of dollars out of their estate with no transfer tax liability. To the extent not already used, this golden opportunity allows individuals ($5.12 million) and married couples ($10.24 million) to gift from their estates without incurring any transfer tax. Without an act of Congress, this unique planning opportunity is set to expire at the end of 2012 when the current law sunsets and lifetime gifts will again be limited to $1 million per person, $2 million per couple.

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Game Plan

game plan: noun


  1. A carefully thought out strategy for achieving an objective.

The voting is over. The ballots have been counted. Barack Obama has another term as president. Half the population is celebrating and half the population is a bit more fearful. In the US stock markets the initial reaction has been to sell. As long term investors we knew the outcome of the presidential election was only one of many worries ahead of us.


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Presidential Elections and Market Returns

How should my portfolio be allocated as the election nears? Should I re-allocate now in anticipation of election results or wait until the election is decided before making adjustments? Should I put excess cash to work now or wait until 2013? These are questions investors are asking as the November election nears. David G. Booth of Dimensional Fund Advisors analyzed this same issue in an article in 2004. Booth analyzed five return relationships* within stock and bond allocations for the five months leading up to and twelve months following a presidential election.

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Don't Fight the Fed ...Rebalance

A week and a half ago, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) announced a third series of measures for quantitative easing or “QE3”.

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Perspective on the Fiscal Cliff

If you have not already heard reference to the “fiscal cliff” you probably soon will. We feel it is important for our clients to have knowledge of what this refers to and how SYM Financial is approaching this potential economic event.

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