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Identity Theft

In light of recent news headlines related to the Anthem cyber-attack, it is important to revisit the critical importance of controlling those things in our financial lives that remain within our control. This includes partnering with companies who have a solid plan for your information security, and understanding the “worst-case scenario” if your personal data is accessed during a cyber attack. 

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Tracey Yeager Memorial 5K Run/Walk



Tracey Yeager Memorial 5K Run/Walk

"The Finish Line is Just the Beginning"

Memorial Day - May 26th            Race Time 9:30 AM


Race Registration

To register online for the race, please click here (there are no additional fees to register online) -


We are proud to sponsor the 3rdannual Tracey Yeager Memorial 5K Run/Walk (TYM5K). This annual event is held on Memorial Day in scenic Winona Lake Park. This is a family friendly event designed to honor Tracey’s memory while also honoring the brave men and women who died in service to our great nation. 100% of the registration fees and corporate sponsorship dollars for this event go toward the “Tracey’s Trails Fund” at Kosciusko County Community Foundation. This fund is used to aid in the continued development of the bike/walk trails in Kosciusko County.


To access and mail a registration form, click here.

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A Rough Week

Since 2009, the stock market has moved higher on an almost regular basis. Success like this can make it hard to believe that two short years ago the global economy was being buffeted by the Arab Spring uprising and the potential exit of Greece from the European Union. One outcome of these events was a 10% correction in the S&P 500 index. Having moved from that point in time to now without a major pullback, some would say a market setback is long overdue. Last week, there was news that could potentially be the trigger for a correction. Lower than expected company profits and concerns about slowing worldwide growth caused the Dow to lose 3.5%. The NASDAQ, an index that measures technology and growth companies, was down 1.7% for the week.


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Tax Time Readiness

As the calendar moves toward the inevitable April 15thtax deadline, this is a good time to consider some of the details related to the process. Whether you use tax software or rely on a tax professional, there are a number of important items to think about prior to filing. Consider whether the following items apply to you before submitting your return:


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Maximize your Charitable Gift (''Tis the Season'')

As we near the end of 2013, we will likely spend some time assessing the past twelve months and then turn our attention to preparing tax returns. The fact that it has been a good year for the markets is undisputable. The equity returns of 2013 have left many of our clients with significant unrealized capital gains in their portfolios. To most investors, these gains represent a future tax obligation. If considered differently, these gains can become a valuable tool for tax advantaged gifting.

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