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A Step in the Right Direction – The DOL’s Revised Fiduciary Rule

On April 6, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its new fiduciary rule. Discussed and debated for almost a year, the final provisions offer a stricter interpretation of who in the financial industry must serve as a fiduciary and how disclosures must be made to investors. Implementation of the new guidelines is scheduled to take place between April of 2017 and January of 2018.

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Even More So in 2016, Beware of Fake Filers

Each tax year, the risk of identity theft is highlighted in the news as scammers adopt new methods to separate people from their money and credit. 

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The first three and a half months of every year often provide a reminder of the maxim “nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Our fear of taxes (or the IRS) and the regularity of filing returns drives most of us to be punctual, prepared, and accurate in our annual preparation for the inevitable.

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View Markets Through a Wide-Angle, Not Magnifier

Driven by several factors including a decline in the China stock market, the price of crude oil, negative interest rates in Japan, concern about slowing global economies and a strong U.S. dollar, global equities are off to their worst start in years. While this may seem like new territory, challenges have existed in the stock market from its beginning. The question of a stock market correction has never been one of “if”, but “when” it would occur. One of the things that is most certain in the world of investing is that it can be very uncertain at times. This can get even more magnified in the short term.  Understanding this provides perspective.

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Climbing A Wall Of Worry

Over the past few weeks, consumers of worldwide media have been bombarded with alarming news from the financial markets in Greece, China and Puerto Rico. If those stories weren’t enough to promote a feeling of uneasiness, the New York Stock Exchange shut down last week for a few hours for what was deemed to be a “technical glitch.”


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