The Wealth of Life: It's more than money! (with Susan Turnbull)

Handout for SYM - Generational Worksheet

Recount and Describe

Values Virtues

Writing my Letter of Love

Share and Tell


Roth IRAs for kids and grandkids

Paying to earn, paying to save - Understanding fees in the Qualified Plan world

I'm responsible for WHAT? Understanding fiduciary roles in your company's qualified plan


Qualified Plans - The awesome potential in plan design


Planning in Advance of Grief and Loss, Part 1:

Who takes the lead in your financial relationships?  Every family unit includes people with different areas of dominance in financial decision making. In times of loss, it becomes vital that survivors know enough about the family finances to take the reins when necessary.


Planning in Advance of Grief and Loss, Part 2:

We continue the discussion of documenting your family financial information for the benefit of survivors when families experience death or incapacitating illness, with a step-by-step plan for creating a financial inventory in case of emergency.  Download your financial inventory form here.