Who We Serve

Our team offers wealth management, portfolio management and employer-sponsored retirement plans to clients throughout the United States. A focus on building strong, long-term relationships with individuals lies at the core of our clients' satisfaction with the service and the guidance we've provided for more than four decades.

Those who typically gain the most benefit from our services include:

Corporate Executives

These individuals typically do not have the time or desire to manage personal finances and are looking for an advisor to manage their financial assets, including building and managing a wealth management plan designed to maximize capital, reduce taxes, establish charitable giving plans, and preserve wealth for future generations. From individual stock option planning to overall wealth management, we deliver the comprehensive service required to tackle the day-to-day management of personal finances, giving executives the freedom to focus on their careers.

Business Owners

Owners of small and family-owned companies are fully engaged in the success of their own businesses. As a result, they have little time to actively manage their own personal resources, and require an advisor to assist with income maximization, group benefits planning, tax reduction, cash-flow planning, estate planning, and long-term wealth planning for both their businesses and family assets. Our team offers the comprehensive financial planning services that allow business owners to focus on managing the operational side of their companies without the added burden of having personally to manage their business and personal finances.

Medical Professionals

Like small business owners, medical professionals have little time to focus on their personal finances. At the same time, their planning requirements are often complex, including significant earnings that should be invested carefully to ensure long-term growth, as well as insurance challenges that require significant evaluation and critical decisions. These professionals require an advisor to assist with income maximization, insurance and risk management, disability insurance, tax reduction, cash-flow planning, estate planning, and long-term wealth planning. From managing assets to helping control risk, our team can provide the assistance medical professionals need to achieve financial and personal peace of mind.

Retired Individuals

For those looking at retirement distribution strategies to create income in retirement or are within five to ten years from retirement and want to determine if they are on the right track, our team provides in-depth financial planning and retirement income planning. We help with capital preservation and growth in an effort to outpace inflation and to guard against running out of money in retirement. We are here to assist with cash-flow planning, continuous review of assets, life insurance analysis, and retirement distribution strategies to help protect assets and make decisions that help ensure peace of mind throughout the retirement years.