Wealth Management

If your financial needs require complex, strategic planning—including financial planning, investment management, lifestyle decision-making, and estate and tax strategies—our comprehensive wealth management services are tailor-made to address your needs.


First and foremost, we approach wealth management as the process of leveraging your wealth to build economic strength and help you achieve your personal financial and life goals, whatever they may be. The first step in the process is to help you carefully identify your goals, your challenges, and how you define success. Once we understand all of these aspects of your financial life, we'll follow a process of modeling current circumstances with a target of achieving your established goals. To effectively uncover opportunities for growth, we'll take the time to help you envision your target retirement lifestyle and long-term goals, understand and maximize the value of your executive benefits, and decide on an appropriate action plan.


Your recommended action plan may include a variety of the following services and solutions to help ensure your financial stability and strength:


  • Cash-Flow Planning
  • Model Future Income/Expenses
  • Value Executive Incentive Awards
  • Balance Sheet Modeling
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Disability Insurance Review
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Review
  • Investment Review
  • 401(k) Allocation and Investment Recommendations
  • Estate Planning
  • Summarize Current Documents
  • Analysis of Current and Alternative Strategies
  • Implement/Fund Current or Revised Documents


Once your action plan is agreed upon, our team will assist in implementing the plan. To keep you informed, we'll provide meeting notes to recap key points, identify projects that require further action, and assign responsibilities for all action items and projects. Throughout the process, we'll monitor progress and ensure project completion, always keeping you informed of the status of your wealth management plan.