Portfolio Management

As a fee-based portfolio manager, we focus on delivering unbiased, conflict-free advice focused on long-term investing, not short-term speculation. Over the years, we have learned from personal experience and observation that half the challenge of successful investing is helping our clients look carefully at their own investment decisions with a focus on separating emotional behavior from information-based behavior. By helping remove emotions from the process, we're able to help steer you toward more effective long-term investment decisions.


When creating portfolios, we utilize top-down asset allocation strategies to diversify each account. We determine the most suitable fund managers to utilize in our portfolios, and our Investment Committee meets regularly to analyze economic data, sector analysis and manager performance. When market opportunities are apparent, we may make tactical asset allocation shifts. Based on this data, our understanding of your own financial goals and tolerance for risk, and the ideal location of your assets (i.e., in taxed vs. deferred-taxed accounts), we'll create a customized portfolio using a combination of global bonds, equity funds, and alternatives.


Our team will then monitor your portfolio for volatility, risk, and tax implications, and we'll strategically rebalance when we feel it’s necessary. We communicate the performance of your portfolio in clear terms, including net of fee returns and a clear “yardstick” with which to measure results. Throughout the process, you can rest assured that our team of professionals is taking care of your assets while you work and relax.