Custom wealth planning for corporate executive clients


Should I opt in to a deferred compensation program?


How do I manage these stock options?


How can I avoid making mistakes that cost money or trigger tax penalties?


Do I still need to work?


What should I do with my benefits when I’m no longer working?


When we retire, can we live the lifestyle we labored and hoped for?


SYM Financial Advisors has built a niche for serving talented, upwardly mobile, and extraordinarily busy corporate executives, in the Midwest and throughout the country. Our advisors have a deep understanding of corporate benefits and compensation, and we pledge to work in our clients’ best interest as advocates and fiduciaries. We commit to an uncommon level of service and relationships and daily, we walk the talk.



As fiduciary advisors and client advocates, we seek to bring expertise to and leverage the time of executive employees, retirees, and others, and to do so in a sales and obligation-free way. Some SYM clients first choose to engage in one-time, focused projects, and others start with SYM as their full-time advisor.


Though many advisory firms claim to provide financial advice without inherent conflicts of interest, true fiduciary advisors - those with no products to sell or commissions to earn - make up just a small segment of the financial services industry.


This distinction is important. In early 2016, the Department of Labor mandated long-awaited laws designed to reduce unfair conflicts of interest in the industry. However, these regulations were never implemented in full and business practices targeted for rehabilitation still operate in bountiful numbers.  Seeking out trustworthy advice has never been more of a challenge for families and individuals as it is today.


Simply said, we hope you’ll turn to SYM and equip yourself to move forward with confidence. Make your next step an independent wealth assessment with SYM Financial.  You can reach a local advisor by calling 800-888-7968, visiting www.SYM.com, or simply asking a friend or colleague to share their experience with SYM.