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Value Added By A Financial Advisor


Part of acting in a prudent and fiduciary capacity involves charging a reasonable fee that is transparent to the client. SYM Financial Advisors has long favored cost transparency through fiduciary relationships with all clients. It is simply the right way to do business.

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Tax Planning Today for 2017

If tax time is always a bit confusing, then Federal tax planning for 2017 might feel like a 12-sided Rubik’s Cube. While a precise algorithm may not exist to solve for this new tax environment, we are happy to offer some simple and practical advice for your consideration at year-end.

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When Financial “Rules of Thumb” Become Costly

Frank and Fiona Eff are a bright couple who saved diligently for their retirement years throughout their adult lives.  Each is 50 years old, their children have been raised and launched, and each loves their respective job at ABC Corporation.  Frank and Fiona enjoy the challenges and connections of their work so much that they plan to stay at their careers another fifteen years before enjoying a retirement filled with family, travel, and giving back to their community.  Fortunately, each has a pension plan, and each will enjoy relatively generous Social Security benefits.  Though they have been saving inside and outside of retirement plans since the age of 22, they aren’t sure they’ll even need to draw from those accounts due to anticipated regular retirement inflows.

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Your Portfolio and Presidential Elections

Presidential elections in the United States are storied events which often culminate with a fresh face in office and a large new voice in American policy.

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Two Documents Every 18-Year-Old Should Sign

Financial and health care power of attorney documents are fundamental components of any estate plan.  Executing these documents is essential to allow others to act on our behalf when we are unable to act for ourselves.

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