Michelle joined SYM in 2016, transitioning from both advisory and marketing roles in investment management. She brings 23 years of experience in various elements of the financial service industry. A Fort Wayne native, Michelle currently serves in a leadership role with the board of directors for Wellspring Interfaith Social Service, and previously as a board member with HOPE for Animals and Allen County SPCA. .

In her role as Associate Advisor, Michelle brings a particular aptitude for working with clients at retirement age as well as women who find themselves “in the drivers’ seat” in their financial relationships. Moving to SYM, Michelle said she was motivated by the interaction she witnessed between the people at SYM. “The tagline [Uncommon Relationships. Uncommon Results.] is true. Clearly, people like each other and like working here. They also authentically like the people they serve, and that has to be good for the clients.”